& the Rockin' Soul Band

JW Close Up 001.jpg
Jerry Langston Wilson - Lead Vocals

My first performance was in a talent show at John M. Langston High School in Danville, Virginia.  At 16 years old I sang one of my favorite songs and brought the house down, winning the talent show.  That was the beginning!

After graduation, I joined a group , later named the "Soul Masters" featuring John and Jerry.  We performed locally at the Coke Plan, T-Bird Club, and at the Danville Fairgrounds.  By popularity, we expanded to perform at east colleges, beaches, and clubs with musicians and artists that were on top of the pop charts at the time. 

David Statzer.jpg
David Statzer - Bass

David dug the bottom end and groove and picked up a bass and the rest is history. Groove,
dynamics , feel are what makes the bottom end. He began in gospel and then on to country ,
rock and blues with a sound and style that is his signature.

Grant Wright - Keyboard

Grant began playing piano and saxophone at an early age.  Over the years Grant has played in several bands and developed an interest in many different kinds of music; from rock and blues to jazz and classical, ragtime and dixieland jazz and, of course, Motown classics.

Reggie Rhodes - Vocals & Percussion

Reggie is from Newark, New Jersey and has played in clubs and bands all over.  You'll probably hear Reggie before your see him, because he loves to sing.  There's rumor Reggie even sings in his sleep although we haven't confirmed that... yet.

Darrell Strickland.jpg
Darrell Strickland - Drums

Darrell has been playing drums for most of his life with his influences from blues and soul to
rock, funk and gospel. He lays down a solid groove, spot on timing and dynamics to bring the
show up to a first class level.

Hans Rolf.jpg
Hans Rolf - Guitar

Hans, from Sweden picked up a guitar one day and never looked back. Blues, rock, funk and
jam with a touch that sets his sound apart from anyone you’ve ever heard. Its all about the
soul and feel of a song that sets Hans apart from other players.