It all started in Danville, Virginia "Crooktown", named affectionately for a man that was popular in the community that had a crooked leg.  
My father, Clarence Wilson Sr. and my mother, Ruth Ferguson Wilson, were the cornerstone of my life.  I thank God for allowing me to have parents that provided me with love and support.  From that Wilson seed were also my brothers and sisters.  Clarence Wilson, Jr, Evelyn Cooke, Ondre Hairston, Linda Wilson, and Anne Mimms with fond childhood memories.

My first performance was in a talent show at John M. Langston High School in Danville, Virginia.  At 16 years old I sang one of my favorite songs and brought the house down, winning the talent show.  That was the beginning!

My classmates cheered me on and gave me the confidence that I needed.  Next, I joined the school choir.  After graduation, I audition and joined a group, later named the "Soul Masters" featuring John and Jerry.  We performed locally at the Coke Plan, T-Bird Club, and at the Danville Fairgrounds.  By popularity, we expanded to perform at east colleges, beaches, and clubs with musicians and artists that were on top of the pop charts at the time.

In an effort to maintain a family life, the music industry conflicted because I wanted to raise my children as I was raised.  After the loss of my youngest daughter to a heart condition, I decided to return to the music industry because I realized it was never too late to follow your dream.  

The Soulmasters

Jerry Wilson

The Soulmasters

Jerry and Clarence, Jr.

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Jerry Wilson today